Rose Hill Cemetary

Located at 535 Fayette St., about ¾ mile from the Church, Rose Hill is both the Parish cemetery and resting place of most of Cumberland’s historic personages.

Rose Hill was given to Emmanuel by the family of Captain David Lynn, who was given the land in payment for services during the Revolution by the Federal Government.  At the time, in the late 1840’s, the old cemetery of Fort Cumberland was being removed to make way for a railway cut, and those who were interred ther had to be relocated.  The graves of Thomas Beall of Samuel (the founder of the City of Cumberland), local Revolutionary War heroes Col. Lamar and Capt. Lynn are now at Rose Hill.  So too are those of Lloyd Lowndes, the only person from Cumberland to have served as Governor of Maryland, Ulysses Grant’s mother-in-law, and Underground Railroad hero Samuel Denson.

It is still possible to purchase lots and columbarium niches at Rose Hill.  For information, please call 301-722-5480, or the Church at 301-722-7975, or contact us by e-mail at