Guidelines for Guests and Hosts

Magdalene Hospitality House (MHH) is part of a neighborhood of families and friends.  All MHH staffers and guests act accordingly.

Guests arrive at MHH  no later than 10 p.m. at which time the doors of MHH are locked.  After 10 p.m. latecomers will be directed to a local hotel   Quiet hours at MHH extend from 10 p.m. to 6:30 a.m. so that our guests can rest properly from their journeys to MHH and to the federal prison.  Note that MHH has no television set nor record player on the premises to disturb our guests.  Many guests prefer to sit around our kitchen table and chat for entertainment as well as for mutual support.

The dignity  and privacy of  every guest and staff member will be honored at all times.   Because MHH is an ecumenical effort by some local churches and the community-at-large to welcome the families of incarcerated individuals, no religious or political agendas shall be forwarded.  However, a quiet meditation room will be provided on the premises of MHH for the use of guests.

Since MHH does not  provide baby sitting services, the caregivers of children will be responsible for their children’s welfare and behavior at all times.  However, please be assured that MHH is child-friendly and will make every effort to make kids feel welcome.

Absolutely no alcohol or drugs are allowed on the premises.  If a guest is under the influence of either alcohol or drugs and/or exhibits abusive behavior to other guests, our neighbors, or to MHH staff, the guest will be removed from the house immediately by either the MHH staff or the police.  That guest will be denied any future booking privileges at MHH.

Smoking inside of MHH is not permitted; however, several designated spots are available immediately outside of the house.  Cigarette butts will be placed in the provided containers so that MHH and our neighborhood is kept safe and clean.