The Altar Ward

Founded in 1890, the Altar Ward is the oldest extant organization in Emmanuel Parish. Members, both women and men, care for the Altar hangings, linens, silverware, the Creche and the needlepoint. They set up and take down the Altar for the five regularly scheduled services each week, and are present for weddings, funerals and other special services. The Altar Ward members are also in charge of decorating the Church for Christmas and Easter. Their ministry also includes taking flowers from the Altar to the sick and shut-in on Sundays and delivering seasonal poinsettias and Easter lilies to the homes of parishioners. Under the leadership of Patricia Stevens, who has been Directress for 15 years, the Altar Ward meets twice annually for lunch and business, and generously provides new appointments for the Church and helps in the design and selection thereof and also funds the Holy Week Quiet Day.