Reverend Martha’s Meditation for May 5th, 2020

Dear Beloved Emmanuel Community: As we continue on in this seemingly endless stay-at-home period, we struggle with the monotony of our days.  But it is the daily repetitions of our lives that we spend most of our days.  And God is a constant in that repetition. We know a lot about the repetition of the

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Reality and Consoling Message Number Two:

You are not important but beloved Dear Beloved of Emmanuel:  As I began to think about the second message of the Resurrection, I immediately thought about our historic cemetery Rose Hill.  On Holy Saturday, I officiated at the graveside service for Mick Hatter, Jakki Rogers’ brother. Mick was known to many of us.  He helped

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The Bell and the Blackbird

Dear Emmanuel Community: As our government and diocesan leaders are beginning to ponder and lay out re-opening our common life in the days to come, we will all be discerning when we stay at home and when we enter back into the greater world.  In more normal times, we are always entering the world and

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You are not in control!

Dear Emmanuel Community: Our fourth truth of life in the world is this:  You are not in control!  We know this for a fact these days.  However, our consoling message from Scripture is from Luke 12:24-26 Consider the ravens, they neither toil nor reap; they have neither storehouse nor barn, and yet God feeds them. 

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All Shall Be Well

On Sunday afternoon, as Emmanuelite Mike Getty worked in his law office across the street, he noticed—out of the corner of his eye—something strange as he walked outside. He looked up and saw that a section of the stone church wall on Washington Street had fallen. Mike grew up in Cumberland—born and raised. Over his

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