Spring is in the Air!

  • Posted on Feb 24, 2014

I can’t tell you exactly when I felt it first, but in the past week, I’ve started to sense that spring is not far away.  Even though there is still snow on the ground and sooty piles still in parking lots and on street corners, there is a different feel to the air.  This morning, when I took Sirius for his morning walk, there was a cold, winter breeze yet the light was warmer than usual.  And there is that smell—that earthy smell of things growing underneath the ground.  It’s a good smell….and it heralds spring weather, buds and leaves on the trees, crocuses and green grass.  It seems that just when we’ve had enough of winter, God’s creation gives us hope that a change is on the way.

I also noticed the change in two events this past weekend.  On Friday, Alma, Erv, Scott Bellows from St. David’s and I drove out to Cumberland, Maryland for the funeral of the Rev. Edward “Bo” Chapman, who died suddenly a week ago.  It was a large funeral at Emmanuel, Cumberland.  Bo+ had been Rector there nearly 30 years and his effervescent personality had touched many of us–clergy, lay and the wider community.  We arrived in the grey fog and rain.  After the service, we came outside to a beautiful, blue sky, sun and warmth.  And that feel and smell of spring was in the air.  Was it the resurrection come to us once again in the service?

The second moment of spring came over the weekend at Memorial as we enjoyed three performances of The Apple Tree.  This year, we decided that we would “take it easy” on our spring production.  Well, because of when Easter is this year, it wasn’t a spring production, but a production smack dab in the middle of winter.  Would it snow?  Would anyone come?  How could we put on a show in less than 8 weeks with most of our regular participants taking a year of rest from the production?  As God and the angels often say, “Fear Not!” The show is a gem—and the spirit of the cast, crew and audience are rejuvenating!  For our one Sunday matinee yesterday, we had a good crowd made up of many children and youth—eager to watch other children and youth—or their friend’s parents or their teachers–act, sing and dance.  Everyone seemed eager to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon at Memorial Church–eating popcorn and cupcakes and watching a show.  I left the show (and the lighting board)—full of energy….smiling inwardly as I jumped over the mounds of snow still left next to the car.

In The Apple Tree, Adam sings a song about the beauty of creation called ‘Beautiful, Beautiful World”—might be a good song to sing in these waning days of winter….

World, thank you very much

for all I see, hear, taste and touch

plus every whiff I sniff. 


Still, it’s possible a day may come

when momentarily the world wears thin.

If I weary of the world outside me,

I can always take a good look in.

For, along with every cloud and cobweb,

I’m emphatically a member of

This diversified, curious, fascinating, bountiful

Beautiful, Beautiful world….I LOVE!


Spring approacheth!  Take heart!  Keep Sniffing!

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